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I am a photographer, but focus mainly on fashion photography. One day i hope to become successful and live in New York taking pictures of famous models!

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Not blogged for a while

I have not been on this for a while! Well i have a photo shoot tomorrow, which has been majorly prolonged so i am so excited!

All out vogue style i am going for, i can't wait to edit them either!

So how has everybody been?! 

I should probably get back into blogging and sharing more pictures with everybody :) 

Trying a new business venture which should be majorly fun :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekend antics and Europe

So i forgot to blog yesterday and it was mothers day so i can let myself off!

I hope everybody had a good weekend, i did wake up with a mother hangover yesterday morning and usually can't handle any food until 9pm the hungover night but i sucked it up and took my mum out for a meal, there was only one point i had to run to the toilet but it was a false alarm so i still remained 'classy'. Saturday night was a bit bizarre but fun never the less!

How was your mothers day? My mum decided she wanted to watch the twilight marathons so me being a good daughter said okay, got a munch and sat there for a full 9 hours watching Twilight, for her to carry on going "WHO'S THAT?" "WHAT DID SHE SAY" and me sometimes screaming at Belle "you fucking slag" but it was a fun night!

I feel like i haven't blogged for a while and i want to share more pictures with you so i am going to show you some pictures i took whilst i was working on the ship, i feel a bit cultured. So here is some places around Europe ways!



Ny Alesund


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Daily Post

Realised i haven't done my daily post yet so here we go just before i go out to say hello to my good old friend vodka i would like to say happy Saturday

Friday, 8 March 2013

Another image!

So i edited another picture and i dwelled on how to do the composition of this one whether i wanted it to be vert or hori, so i decided on this. I think it's the best decision and the settings make a frame of the image!

Let me know what your thoughts are :D

1st image from yesterdays shoot

So i've finally edited an image from yesterdays shoot, i think it's my favorite image from the day!

Take a look and tell me your thoughts... Ballerina styled shoot :)

Blogger been blogged

So last night i was approached by another blogger Charlotte-Emily and she wanted to give me a shout-out in her blog about my photography... I was made up! She asked me a few questions and if i do say so myself i answered them very well!

Take a read here and give her blog a look;


I haven't had chance to edit any images from yesterdays shoot and i will be doing that tonight, i'm excited to do some editing with new photo's, yay! Keep a look out for some new pictures :)

I hope your day was good and everybody... IT'S FRIDAY!

Enjoy your weekend, i will be posting more through the weekend but it's all in high spirits!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


So i'm back from my shoot and it went well apart from the crappy British weather... yup you guessed it, it rained! Like a bit of rain is going to stop me though? It was a bit muddy but it was sort of the perfect weather for a shoot anywho!

I will put photo's of the shoot in my next post, i just need to edit some :) I am now knackered though and ready for bed, in my onsie and ready to get an earl grey cup of tea so i am nice and fresh for tomorrow.. A long day ahead!

I hope you guys had a fun day and guess what? It's FRIDAY tomorrow!